With the primary objective to offer  a new ideal place for office leasing, shopping, entertainment, business, cooperation, investment, Catbi Plaza has been built in key positions, gateway, transport connections The most convenient to downtown. With a total surface area of ​​25.000m2, combination of 21 floors tower including luxury offices for rent, large commercial centers, amusement parks, restaurants and food ... Catbi Plaza are the highlights of the project  Nga Nam Cat Bi Airport Urban area, noted pioneer in the development process of innovation vibrant Haiphong Port citi.

Dien Bien contributed as a "red flower belt should be epic gold". Cat Bi Airport went into the water to keep the history of the nation as a testament to his traditional hung.cua people Haiphong. Before the glorious history of the land Cat Bi, Trading Company Limited investment for urban development decided to name the building is located on Le Hong Phong, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong is "Trade Center Catbi Plaza "- wish to develop it became a center for modern and leading development of the city ....

Spread over three floors building Catbi Plaza, Downtown include chain restaurants, cafes, fashion stores, home appliances, a grocery, food stalls rich diversity of models and typesarranged in the form of a buffet Supermarket suit the tastes and abilities of all consumers.Along strategic partners thrive in the South Saigon Co-op, first available in Haiphong, promises to bring our customers shopping experience relaxing and refreshing. Catbi Plaza Trade Center is to "friendly, friendly, trustworthy" for each family.

Not only creates a warm atmosphere, friendly family and housewives, Catbi Plaza is one of the best choice for businesses and entrepreneurs to Haiphong. System 12,000m2 office at Plaza Catbi particularly advantageous position in the trade network of the city and near the highway from Hanoi to Haiphong, the cruise port and air port Cat Bi. Multi-level office, facility amenities such as central air-conditioning system, elevator, Wi-Fi high-speed Internet-helping customers have the opportunity to work in a modern environment, comfortable. In addition, the views and spacious with beautiful landscaping around the building will feel relaxed, comfortable. Parking area with many large-scale public facilities to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Conference center, wedding Catbi Plaza restaurant boasts a conference room systems, workshop capable to satisfy the needs of 1,500 guests. Large and small hall is equipped with speakers, lights, standard projection screens, security systems ensure absolute peace of mind. Hall luxurious wedding services, utilities package reasonably skilled chefs will give you a delicious feast in each dish. Go to the Event Center of Catbi Plaza you will be satisfied by the management team capable, responsible, professional staff, attentive and enthusiastic.

The formation and development of Catbi Plaza Trade Center as a vivid testament to the continuation of the glorious traditions, while contributing to building the image of the city of Hai Phong young, dynamic, is the span strides on the path of integration with the country.


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